Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower



Where do you find yourself today? Not physically, I mean soulfully. Do you know the real you? If not, are you ready to find out? The time has come for expansion. We all need to get down to business and start dealing with the personal inner self that, in some, has been screaming for attention. The Universe and all it's glory has been supporting the complete breakdown of all things old. Clearing out the laundry for all to see the truth. The more in the spot light you are the more your truths will be told. This goes for everyone- no one will be exempt from the unearthing. This clearing goes deep. Personally for me I have been dealing with all the past. My skeletons in my closest are only as painful as I allow them to be and I honor each and every one of them.

Growth comes from struggle and pain. Pain and struggle are a choice. Lessons are learned when we face the pain and make a different choice than struggle. Let the heart breaking details roll down out of your heart with the tears and then say good-bye. You are no longer required to hold onto anything that does not serve your higher self.

As the clearing continues the expansion will begin. The expansion is the awareness of your true self. The expansion then grows into the awareness of something greater than yourself. Then it turns into the awareness of the Source within self and all that is and will ever be. My expansion broke me into a million little pieces and put me joyfully back together into my beautiful pure self in form. Each and every expansion is different based on belief and depth of awareness. The result is always the same.

I am acutely aware of the stillness in all things as well as the force of nature that is creation. I can stand in a swirl of people and feel the peace by simply requesting it to come to me. I am more in this stillness and peace now daily and work to be here always as each day passes. With this coming awareness my old self serving personality slowly died. Every once in a while at a strange moment I will feel it's attempt at resurrection and it feels so out of place and unreal. I can now identify it as something other than me and move away from it.

Lastly, this expansion has given me the gift of you. I am in touch with the Source and in turn with you. We are all one. We share the same earth, the same water, the same trees, the same air. We come into this life in the same way and require the same nourishment to survive. We each have a light within us that shines even when we are unaware of it's shine. When I look into the eyes of each person I interact with I see their soul, feel there pure love and honor their inner light awaiting a burst of love to fan the flames. In finding the pureness of love within myself and in all I see I have found a pure love that I feel for each and every person. I cannot honor self if I do not honor all that surrounds me. This is the purpose of the expansion- Love. Pure, honest, unconditional Love.

You can do this! You are supported. If you are in the throws of your expansion remember many have come before you and you will make it to the other side. If you are just starting the process and unaware of how to begin seek inside yourself. Your heart and soul already know what to do.

You are surround by Love. It's all you will ever need and it will always be there for you.

In Oneness, I Love You,


Back to where I came from

I was standing at the base of a mesa. It was one of those spaces in time where you see the object but little else has detail. It was dark as night. New moon and little stars to view. Somewhere from behind me I could sense a light. Bright like the sun but dim at this point only to assist in my vertical climb up to the top. The rocks appeared red. They were hard and at some points slick but I kept on climbing. I noticed I was wearing a white robe of sorts. It was more an essence of self than actual clothing. As I became aware of this I realized the weight of my perceived body was simply a projection from the mind. My climb became quick and I almost flew to the top of the percepice. Once I reached the top it was black. Not black as night just black. I stepped forward knowing that I would quickly be engulfed into something that I would have to push against to free myself from again.

The black rained down on me like molasses and stuck to me in the same fashion. I was quickly knocked down and over taken with the weight of all that was contained within it. I flashed to the moment I had met this black mass before. I was wide awake the first time and it over took me in the same fashion leaving me breathless and scared. I was better prepared this time as well as lacking fear. Tonight I would free myself from the ties that bind me to so many earth bound inbreed fears and societal trainings. This blackness represented all that was fear, pain, loss of self, desperation, hatred, lies, endless senseless self sabotaging acts upon myself. This blackness was what has been holding me down from truly freeing my soul into the outward expression that is self.

That is where is happened. The obvious realization of feeling the separation from my source. The womb of God and that pureness of Love that is indescribable in words. I saw it in the light that I knew was behind me as I climbed. I was now removed from the physical. Witnessing the dark mass attempt to over take the physical temple once more. The body shifting and wiggling in its attempts to be free. I knew it would die without me. It was only a manifestation of the physical world. A place for me the I AM to work from and experience wonder. My temple to perform miracles as I walked in full embodiment and joy. Spreading this truth everywhere by being.

The choice was made. I would return to the body and dig out of the darkness once and for all to fight the demons of despair, fear, and hatred. I would share my self in it's true form once more. The night was filled with endless visions and dreams. Memories, split second glimpses at decisions made or words spoken. Working from the pure source self they were cleared with little less than a blink of an eye. The darkness lifted up like bubbles from the ocean floor. Slowly the stickiness and weight of all that had been attaching to every last fiber was being released in light speed timing. I was being freed. I was returning back to where I came from and remaining here to do the work that was always intended all at the same time.

Suddenly it was light. Pure blinding light. I witnessed at that moment my darker side. A side of me that served a purpose to the physical body however useless to the enlighten form. It would assist me as I walked my path but would no longer hinder me as I pushed forward.

My mediation has shifted into sleep and as I came out of this space I was instantly aware of how long I had been in this state. My restful night sleep was replaced by an extremely deep healing. My head was spinning. This spinning sensation continued on the better part of the day and into the remainder of the week. The re-calabration that is taking place catches me off guard at times. I still see flashes of something for review however they are brief. I hardly know myself anymore and find myself floating through life...just waiting. Being a mother and a wife are my current compass and I also using them as my beacon when I get fuzzy in the details. I feel healed in a way that I pray all may feel someday. I finally understand that God and I were never seperated. I am always Home within my own self. She is with me and He guides me with every breath.

Be One with Love,


Facing the dark side

Within the chrysalis a complete transformation of the caterpillar happens. The cells change and break down creating a completely new form from what entered into this sacred space. No cell unturned. No thought left untouched. The space within this chrysalis is tight and to break free the butterfly must push and struggle to be freed, to survive. This struggle is also what gives it life. The struggle pushes blood to the wings and gets the new form moving preparing for its new life. Contained within this new form all the information and knowledge of what to do as a new creature capable of flight and reproduction. Capable of something it has never seen nor done in its former life as a crawling vegetation eating caterpillar.

My butterflies are now free living their 21 days of life in the sunshine and warmth. Their transformation and subsequent struggle to live played out in my living room under the excited watchful eyes of my little girls and myself. I was spellbound by this process and learned so much about life in those short moments of time. Inside my chrysalis I'm learning things about myself also. As I'm turned inside out I allow the Divine Grace to have its way with me and truly help me grow and improve through experience and time.

I have been making piece with my dark side. I never truly understood what that meant until this week. Its the unhappy thoughts, fears, and scars that are ignored and shoved deep into the depths of the mind. I'm freeing myself from these things slowly and with purpose so they can be brought to the light and released to become my strength and my knowledge of how to learn and grow forward. I'm feeling the push and pull of my transformation and the walls are growing tighter as I expand.

I'm also coming to terms with the biggest fear that has held me back my whole life. I'm not sure of its roots- perhaps a past life- as I cannot remember a life experience where I wasn't held back because of this fear. I fear accomplishment. I actually have managed to always keep myself in my safe bubble where I am rarely surrounded by anything that can fail or cause my failure. Its not to say I don't take chances I just don't take big ones. My daughters are the exception and they were the spark that started me down the deepest depths of self improvement. Last week I realized my greatest fear and it made me cry. How was I ever to inspire and support my greatest creation if I couldn't do the same for myself? It has been a week since I realized this deep fear and as it spun inside my being tearing me up and cutting me raw I slowly faced it and grew stronger in knowing its name. I placed it into the Sacred Light and asked for its healing. This process is a daily ritual and I have to know it with every breath. It has become my friend and in honoring this fear it is slowly melting into my strength to push me forward.

I have created an opening for so much growth by accepting my darkest space within me and in doing so I am slowly remember who I truly was always born to be in this lifetime. I wish the same for each of you as you read these words because I believe we all are capable of remembering who we are and what we are here to do. Societally influencing is slowing melting away in my world because I give it no power when my soul guides and I do what always feels right to my very core. Imagine what our world would look like if we all did our best and followed Divine Guidance.

It wasn't easy to share this deep healing but it feels good to know its written and shared to help others. I honor each of you as you travel your roads of life.

In Loving Support ~ Leah



I started this blog over a year ago after a very powerful encounter with the moon, Jupiter, my higher self and the Divine Will. It all flowed together and was so obvious as to what I was to do to support myself and others on this great path of awakening that we are undergoing here on Earth. Over the year each observance was highlighted with a different level of awakening. Each chakra what cleansed and healed or broke open to be freed from its bonds and attachments. Each step of the way I grew and we grew together. My heart knew that the Love that flowed through me entered deep into my words and these pages. On the Capricorn new year my visions of this blog seemed to blur. I had delivered my first stage of information and now I had little to add but posts of the beauty of fully awakening and understanding what it meant to be a Divine Being. I was seeing the world completely different now that I had experienced my guided awakening. I wondered where the road would take me. So I meditated and waited. 

I started absorbing information again. Sleeping a lot and feeling my body shift. The sacred wheel had kept turning. My direction seems to be on a long golden road filled with love but little landscape to speak of and few words to share. Until now....

On Monday I brought home four painted lady caterpillars to be observed by my two beautiful four year old girls and myself. I have been more fascinated by them then my girls have been because they are symbolic of me. I felt my kinship to them the moment they were handed to me. I have always had Butterfly as a personal totem. I choose it or it choose me when I was about 10- at least that's my first memory of our kinship. I never let go of this cycle- Metamorphosis- my whole life it has been how I have evolved. Birth, consume, death, rebirth and create. This process has never been so clear as this moment on the cusp of a new moon with 4 pupa (chrysalis) hanging in my butterfly house silently undergoing the biggest transformation without anything visibly happening on the outside. The actual creation of the pupa itself happens so slowly and gracefully I had to stand there for the better part of a half hour to even notice it was happening. This is where I find myself. I have been slowly creating my pupa. I am entering into my chrysalis to undergo the biggest transformation my life has yet to see. I'm ready and as always open to all the gifts the beautiful universe has to offer me. 

I know little of where this process will take me however I do know one thing. I am guided with all my heart to share my thoughts and experiences of this process with others so they too can notice the small shifts and possibly see the bigger change that is happening within and around them. Please stay tuned as I share my process and eventually my breaking open of my new self. 

Wishing you Divine Blessings on the cusp of this New Moon ripe with endless possibilities and full of Deep Sacred Love.


Soul Talk

Enter into the Light

Feel the presence of the Divine, your divine soul and being that fills the empty spaces. Allow yourself to open up like a flower to the senses of a thousand million flutters of light surrounding you and entering into you as you awaken to your Divinity. This is the awakening of your soul. The knowledge that you truly are Divine and that all you ever had to do was believe in it with all your heart. To know from the moment that you were born that this promise was contained within you.

Children hold this promise and know this truth is their own. Walking the path with them may give you a glimpse of their magnificence and it may also shine light into your memories of how you once felt as a child. Remembering how you always believed in everything you did was real and all was possible. It truely is this way - that everything is possible and if we start to live with this state of mind again the world just unfolds before us and doors open that once were locked or hidden from view. Our children, the children around us, they all know this instinctually and we hold the key to keeping them open to this as they hold the key to unlocking our bariers of illusion that society put in place to limit our beliefs in self.

Everyone is born a leader and regardless of how you feel you have this inside you too.
You lead the moment you become a parent or foster an animal. You lead when you assist others in need.  Its not the size of the leading thats taking place its the fact that you recognize your ability to lead.
Everyone is born to make choices and with free will follow their hearts desires. This light inside may grow dim due to lifestyle and circumstances but if theres a will theres a way. Great people rise from the ashes and every day folk walk around as living angels. The spark is within you, all you have to do is feed the fire.

Feeding the Fire

Start in this moment by quieting your self and just breathing into the silence of the moment. You can't hear your heart and soul speak if you don't stop the chatter, the endless emails and phone calls, turn the TV and other personal entertainment devices off and just be.
Just Be. Honor your self and listen. If you can only do it for a few moments that ok because your starting and thats better than never giving yourself another chance. When you were little all you did was listen to self before social programing started. Now give yourself this opportuinity to shine in your own light and be a star on earth. Once you've made it through the first quiet moments with yourself then focus on growing that time that you spend alone. It doesn't have to be long it just has to be. Moments of honored time to self. Before the family wakes in the morning, after the kids go to bed, a hot bath, locked in your car before you walk into your house and the chaos of life takes over. Just find those moments and let them grow. You will find you love them and you'll want more and you'll make more time and you find more resources to make more time. It will become important to you. As this honored time expands then all the knowledge of a thousand lifetimes will slowly seep back into your awareness. Your dreams will shift. Your choices will change and your ego wont be running the show any more. You might make diet changes or new friendships. You might stop drinking soda or alcohol and you might also end relationships that just dont seem to fit you anymore. Lots of changes happen when you get into your flow. Its all as it should be because your following your heart and floating free on the wings of your soul.

Be like a butterfly and take flight. Your wings are dry and its time to catch the wind. Soar! Soar High and reach for the stars! Awaken with your growing beautiful soul. 


Crystalized Expression

Seven door ways to the soul. This is how our chakras have opened us up to the life of soul living. An ever present Divine knowledge that resides within each breath as we move forward, upward and beyond fully awakened into our souls light.

The Autumnal Equinox brought us the awakening of the Brow chakra or Third Eye and with it an ever awakening awareness of something far greater than ourselves. This knowing that slowly showed itself was the Divine Blueprint of the soul being shown through action, vision, and feeling within the heart. This time also marked the connection to the higher realms of Divinity of the Grace of Spirit. Divine Truth and Purity of Light opened with us knowledge of how best to move forward on the path that was created for us at this sacred time. Lots of cleansing also took place as the ego was finally challenged to join forces with the Soul and walk the line that supports the will of Spirit for the greater good of all.

Once we crossed the passage of Samhain, the cross-quarter assoicated with Halloween, All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead we reached our final stage of awakening to the traditional seven chakras- our Crown Chakra. Words are hard to find to explain the connection that flows through the body when the crown is fully opened. Light is usually assoicated with the opening of the crown as the connection with the anthakarna opens fully. The energy that flows at this level will at times feel like a tingle or warmth bathing over the body through the chakra systems. Spiritually this is the start and end of the cycle. As our soul design is fully awakened it also flows around the auraic body and back down to the feet and root chakras to begin again.

The universe now provides us with an extraordinary event to fully open to what we have witnessed within and around ourselves. The solar year ends with an eclipse series that provides another opportunity for the soul to receive. These powerful portals of Life are the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 25th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 10th. Divine codes that are contained within our bodies and surrounding us from Mother Earth will light like fireflies and enter into our awareness. With focus and care we can manifest our true potential for growth and expansion at this time by allowing our hearts and minds to open to the Divine Will and Love of Spirit. This is about fully aligning with what your Divine purpose is and how to best play a role in the awakening of a greater community of humanity on Earth. This is about fully understanding what all the great prophets meant when they said a Love greater than Self. Imagine seeing the Love of Spirit in everything you see, touch and hear. Opening up to the beauty of life- one breath at a time.

You hold the potential to all this and so much more if you hold yourself into the Love and honor that all you ever needed was already contained with you. You are the magic key to the unfolding of Universal Love. Take your life into your hands and awaken to the Love of your Heart.


Hearts Spoken Truth

When the heart speaks the throat chakra awakens to speak the hearts truth.

Truth holds power that other words cannot- the hearts truth is always strongest. The freedom found in the vibrations of each syllable is like butterfly wings floating on the breath of the soul. Lifting up to the Divine Source, the truth is made Golden in the Light and heard by the endless ears of the Universe. Suns bend and planets yield to bring this truth to pass. Your truth has now become a co-creator of all that is- one with the Divine Source again. The first words spoken in truth may flow like a raging river or may choke you up as you gather all your strength to speak them free. Once the flow is open your hearts whispers will grow to strong intention that can no longer be denied. Form turns into function. You are now awakening into the truth of the soul.

Unity with Purpose
Lack of strong family of origin connection has left me to find my true roots in self within the Divine connection to Mother Earth and to the Divine Source. No greater gift could be given; no more painful truth could be spoken. We are all one. Old beliefs of strong family ties are wiped away so the foundations of the soul can be formed and created in the Light of the Divine. Holding true to the hearts desires above all third dimensional yearning is key to continue to awaken and fully embody the truth of your essence. Release what you thought was the truth of your birth patterns given to you through your blood line and find what your truth is within as well as above you. The ties of family of origin karma are no longer required of any soul that wishes to be released and relieved of its obligations. This shift is not without a loss but the gain is the connection to your Divine Self and the Divine Source which are one.

There is a swirl of energy surrounding us now that is reflecting all that we are as well as giving us the chance to see what is possible within us. Quiet the self within and witness what is possible. The truth is endless in its possibility. The only step that must be taken is to accept that you have no boundaries contained within you. You are as limitless as the Light that shines within your soul and connects you to all that is and will ever be.

Blessing of Understanding and Love!